Relaxation Station

What our guests think...

"I was one of the first people who got a massage. I have consistently enjoyed the experience and my body has felt much better from when I started. Janice is a professional and does do great work on loosening up the muscles!" ~ Michael

"I immediately felt at ease and comfortable as walked through the door. My massage by Janice was by far one of the best, (and I have received 100's of massages over the past 30 years!!) The price was reasonable and the location is easy to find in beautiful downtown Bristol. I will absolutely be back and I would recommend to anyone/everyone. Thank you, Janice for a wonderful experience, that's exactly how I needed to begin my new year!" ~ Stacy

"I went to the Relaxation Station today. This was my first time at the Relaxation Station. It was an extremely pleasant and comfortable vibe. It was clean and warm, with calm welcoming music. Janice was very friendly, funny and most importantly very professional at her job. She was attentive to my mental & physical needs. She assured I got the service I truly desired keeping in mind any restrictions. I felt secure and very satisfied with my deep tissue massage!! I was shocked to see how many services she provides. Manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages, facials. Janice is very funny, great personality which is important when you're going to be so vulnerable and in completely in her hands. I HIGHLY HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO THE RELAXATION STATION!! Keep in mind you're SHOPPING LOCALLY AS WELL!  I will continue to go see Janice once a month, I booked my next appointment before leaving. I pride myself on honest feedback. If you have any questions to hesitate to ask Janice or myself for more feedback on my service. 5 stars! THANKS JANICE "~Kendra

"I just got a deep tissue massage from here this morning. I couldn't honestly say or think of anyone who does a better job." - Mike

"If you want to feel like a million bucks, go see Janice at Relaxation Station! She will make you feel like royalty" - Shelly

"Wow, does my back thank you, I always enjoy your service!! Couldn't ask for a better prenatal massage! Thank you Janice! " - Madi

"Such a nice atmosphere! Inviting and relaxing. I will definitely be stopping by “the station “ again and again." ~ Ellen

"I was carded the other day. First time in 15 years. Could it be the facials? Let's say yes! Thank you." ~ Erin

"AMAZING!! I moved to NH 5 years ago from Massachusetts's, I had been with the lady that did my facials for 20 years, I was getting tired of driving back and forth a total of 4 hours each time. I said let me try Relaxation Station, and it was the best decision I could have made! Not only was the anti-aging facial amazing so are Janice's products and her knowledge, but my skin has also never looked this good! Everyone thinks I have makeup on. Even my Husband told me my skin looks so nice and he has no idea what I do. Not only is Janice awesome at facials, but her massages are also amazing, and her pedicure and manicures are top notch. She doesn't even make a smudge. I have never met anyone who is so good at everything she does.  I Highly Recommend Janice at Relaxation Station!! ~ Debbie M